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Merlot wine is one of the world's most popular red wines which are made from the Merlot dark blue-coloured wine grape variety. The two main types of Merlot wine are fruity and dry. Merlot wine pairs well with red meats, poultry, cheeses, grilled vegetables, lentils and dishes featuring mushrooms or rich tomato-based sauces.

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    Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

    The alcohol content in Merlot wine can range from around 13% to 15.5%.
    The price to buy one bottle of Merlot wine in Malaysia can range between RM60 and RM318.
    Merlot wine is known for its soft, velvety texture with flavours of black cherry, raspberry or blueberry, and potential herbaceous or earthy notes depending on growing conditions. It has medium tannins and acidity, and can develop vanilla, clove, or caramel flavours when aged in oak.
    Merlot wine is originally from the Bordeaux region of France.
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