Cinzano Vermouth Rosso 750ml

Cinzano Classico Rosso is produced according to the Piedmontese tradition, made of artemisia and infusions of selected aromatic plants. The selection of natural ingredients, as well as the complex blending process, constantly renew the quality proved by time of the two Cinzano brothers original invention.

Cinzano is a social ritual that draws together all the people that simply want to feel good and connect with each other enjoying life. It invites you to turn the moments that matter most to you and your cherished ones into genuine stories to remember forever.

Enjoy Cinzano Classico at home served neat, mixed with soda on the rocks or in a classic cocktail.

An aromatic mix of vanilla and black cherry, with a hint of creamy caramel.

Smooth, with a subtle hint of initial sweetness and opening to spices.

Complex bitterness (herbal, wood, roots) with marked Artemisia finish.




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