Cruxland Black Winter Truffle Gin

Cruxland Gin infused with Black Winter Truffles. The rare Périgord truffles – originally exclusive to Southern Europe and now cultivated in a few select regions in South Africa – merge seamlessly with no less than thirteen botanicals. The result is a flavour profile like no other: complex, flavoursome and luscious.





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A combination of warm spice, citrus and flora.

Cruxland Black Winter truffles Gin combines exceptional upfront juniper, citrus and cinnamon characters with gentle spice and sweet notes, complemented by an enjoyable smooth grape base. The black winter truffles add a complexity, exuberated by earthy and buttery tones.

The outcome is a complex, flavoursome and luscious dry gin exuding complexity and an impressive balance between sweet and savoury, freshness, spice, florals and a hint of Christmas pudding

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