DIY Soju Cocktail Set 1

Bundle includes:

2 x Chumchurum 360ml
2 x Lotte Milkis Original 250ml
2 x Lotte Milkis Apple 250ml


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Chumchurum Soju
ABV: 16.5%

Ingredients : Pure mineral water, Spirits distilled from rice and tapioca.

Characteristics : A soju with alkaline water that’s smooth to swallow. This liquor made with alkaline water has brought a whirlwind of popularity among liquor lovers.
Needless to say, water, which accounts for 80% of soju, is an important factor influencing the flavour and quality of soju products. Alkaline water, with particles that are small and rich in minerals, gives a unique smooth flavor going down.

Korean soft drink produced by Lotte Chilsung, a South Korean beverage company. It combines many of the common elements of traditional carbonated beverages such as sugar, and carbonated water with milk to create a creamy taste; its label proclaims “New feeling of soda beverage”.

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