Fincal El Origen PHI

Region: Mendoza

Malbec 51%, Cabernet 35%, Petit Verdot 7%, Bornarda 7%

Tasting notes:
The Malbec base (51%) prints violet and plum aromas along with an amazing concentration and round, velvety tannins. The Cabernet Sauvignon (35%) enhances the mouth fill, reaching a better structure and complex aromas, while the Petit Verdot (7%) and the Bonarda (7%) add fruity notes, color, structure, juicy and soft tannins, and a nice acidity that improves the long finish. They are perfectly combined to reach full harmony and to reflect the vintage’s best potential. This blend shows a deep red color, with lots of fresh red and black fruit aromas and a touch of flowery notes, mainly violets. In the mouth, it offers exquisite, mature tannins.




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