Jim Beam Home Kit

1 set includes :

Jim Beam White Label 75cl x 1 btl

Singha Soda x  2 btls



Elegant. Smooth. Refined. That’s what 4 years of ageing in newly charred American white oak barrels does to our bourbon. But every drop is worth the effort, and we love the idea of sticking to our great-great-grandfather’s recipe.

Jim Beam White marries well with other liquids thanks to its smoothness and mixability, meaning it stands up well in cocktails, and especially in highballs where its sole companion is soda water. The soda water brings out a little spice and pepper from the rye and gives a crisp and clean finish.

Jim Beam highball blends the smooth, sweet flavour of Jim Beam with the sharp, clean zing of citrus; balancing the natural sweetness of bourbon with the sharp refreshing blend of citrus fruits.

Signature Serve: Jim Beam Highball
Jim Beam White 30ml
Soda 120ml
Lemon Wedge

Chill the glass, soda, and Jim Beam.
Squeeze a wedge of lemon and drop it in the glass.
Fill the glass with ice.
Add 1 part Jim Beam.
Pour soda gently filling the glass.
Stir once and enjoy.