Kinohimitsu CNY Snow Lotus Bird’s Nest 75ml x 6’s

Over many centuries of heritage, bird’s nests have been known as the finest nourishing tonics. Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest with Snow Lotus and Honey combines the goodness of 100% genuine deluxe quality bird’s nest enriched with snow lotus and honey benefits. This favourite delicacy is carefully prepared to retain nutrients, allowing you to enjoy the optimal benefits in one bottle. There is no preservatives, no colouring, no bleaching agent and no flavouring added.



Healthy Ageing

Support respiratory health, invigorate QI and replenish blood, improve digestion and circulation


Promote youthful, radiant and smooth complexion, anti-ageing, nourishing & balancing

Strengthen Immunity

With the high glycoprotein content and growth factors, it helps to boost immune system & increase resistance to external environmental stress.



Rock Sugar Solution, Snow Lotus, Honey & Bird’s Nest (28%)

Direction of use

It is ready-to-drink and can be taken chilled or warmed. Suitable for all ages.


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