Kinohimitsu Superfood (1kg)

Nutritional Punch for The Entire Family Kinohimitsu Superfood A complete nutritional beverage composed of 7 colours whole plant-based ingredients added with prebiotics, lutein, spirulina and other potent ingredients. Enjoy every sip of the goodness for a healthy, energized and happy life. Benefits: -Lower blood cholesterol level -Slow down sugar absorption -Provide fullness -Strengthen immunity -Improve gastrointestinal health -Promote eyes and skin health Ingredients: • Multigrain Powder • Palatinose® (Isomaltulose) • Mixed Berries • Barley Beta Glucan • Prebiotic FOS – Inulin (Synergy ®) • Organic Soy • Spirulina • Lutein Usage: Mix 2-3 scoops of Superfood into 200ml of lukewarm water. Recommended to take during breakfast, tea break and/or before bedtime

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