Manotsuru Junmai Ginjo Toki 720ml

A refreshing and well balanced. Rich fruity aroma and delicate with umami taste. Using 100% of Koshitanrei rice with minimum of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Enjoy aroma in a wine glass.




Rice: Koshitanrei / Polishing Ratio 55% / SMV: +3.0

Manotsuru Toki to Kurasu is made from 100% Sado’s Koshitanrei rice, which was certified under the island’s “Homeland Development Certification for Living with Egrets” for its reduced use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Offers a light scent of anise and wood. It’s a crisp sake with a bit of bitter taste, with a refreshing acidity.
A stamp of terroir. First attack has herbal, grass and woody smells. It is very refreshing with mineral and crisp texture.

Food Pairing: Perfect with oyster dishes. Goes well with seafood dishes and salads.


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