McGuigan Mastercraft Noon Harvest Merlot

Tasting Notes
This Merlot displays aromas of blueberry, plum and light sweet notes. It’s a light and vibrant wine with flavours of cherry, candied raspberries and chocolate.








Limestone Coast, South Australia

Sub Type

Red Wine


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Master craftsman; A person with a special skill, especially one who makes beautiful things by hand.

The Mastercraft range was created to celebrate the craft of making wine. Starting with a selection of distinct and favoured varietals, these wines are created from small parcels of fruit located in premium vineyards across NSW and South Australia. Each wine has fruit selected from optimal regions that highlight the unique characteristic of each varietal.

The fruit was crushed and destemmed prior to chilling and transferring to red fermenters. The crushed fruit was then cold soaked for 24 hours before the onset of fermentation. After 6 days fermentation was stopped resulting in some non fermented natural sugars being left in the wine. The fruit was then pressed separating the wine from the skins and seeds before filtration and bottling.

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