Raimat White Garnacha

D.O. Catalunya

100% White Garnatxa

Tasting Notes:
Appearance: Pale yellow in colour with greenish highlights.

Nose: Delicate and subtle, it displays mineral notes combined with an explosion of white fruit (pear) and
citrus notes, with an elegant background of Mediterranean herbs and fennel.

Palate: It is a balanced wine with a lot of character; medium-bodied, with a fine, silky texture. Elegant, full of touches of flowers and white fruit, on a mineral background that reflects the characteristic terroir.

Food Pairing:
This wine would be ideal for pairing with dishes such as crispy suckling pig with roasted apples, filo pastry rolls filled with roast chicken, or mushroom risotto. Oven-baked or grilled fish or seafood, where it would add freshness, notes of herbs, white fruit and resinous notes. Even Catalan-style cured meats such as
llangonises and butifarra blanca or negra.




The first 100% organic Garnatxa from Raimat. Raimat Garnatxa Blanca Ventada is a wine with elegance, delicate in the mouth but with body and unique personality. Like the wind that blows in the vineyards of the cellar, it transmits its force in its passage.

In order to maximise the expression of our Garnacha, the winemaking team has developed natural and respectful winemaking methods. We have avoided the use of practices that change the natural expression of this variety, retaining the primary aromas and avoiding undesirable oxidation.

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