Santa Carolina Estelar Merlot

Tasting Notes
Color: Ruby red with purple hues.
Nose: The red and black fruit aromas of raspberry and cherry.
Palate: A juicy wine with notes of black tea that highlight the fresh and juicy flavors of red and black fruit like raspberry and plum. Very smooth tannins and toasted notes in the finish.

Food Pairing
Chicken with spicy sauces, pasta, and paella.
Recommended Serving Temperature: Between 16º and 18º C.




The grapes that give rise to our varietal wines are grown in Chile’s Central Valley, home to our country’s main winegrowing regions. The Mediterranean climate of this traditional valley brings rainy winters and hot, dry summers—ideal conditions to grow healthy grapes of perfect ripeness. Due to its great diversity of soil types and microclimates, every variety of this line finds the best conditions in the valley, breathing life into wines of fine and authentic varietal expression.

The grapes used in this Merlot are harvested either mechanically or manually depending on the vineyard. Grapes were subsequently fermented and macerated with their skin in stainless steel tanks in order to extract color, flavors and textures. These processes are carried out under controlled temperature conditions and using selected yeasts. Once fermentation is completed, the wine is aged in vats for a few months to attain greater smoothness, complexity and subtle notes of oak. To obtain a rich fruity profile and round tannins on the palate, a gentle filtration process is carried out before bottling, removing sediment and intensifying the typical characteristics of this variety.

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