Wolf Blass Platinum Label Shiraz

Vintage 2012

Region :
Eden Valley, Barossa Valley

Grape :

Tasting Notes :
The distinguished Medlands Vineyard lies within an exceptional pocket of ground at Dorrien on the central north Barossa Valley floor, a site long renowned for growing outstanding Shiraz. Gently sloping towards the North Para River, the microclimate benefits from cooling breezes flowing down-river from the foothills and enjoys optimum sunlight, low rainfall and low humidity.

The vineyard is comprised of ancient soils ranging from loamy sands over light clays to sandy loams over medium clays, laid down 5 million years ago when an uplift of the Eastern ranges and a sinking of the valley floor caused the central valley to fill with sediments. This unique terroir results in Shiraz of purity, elegance, tight structure and flawless balance.




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