Return & Refund Policy

Discounted items are final and cannot be returned or exchanged. Normal priced items can be exchanged  within 7 days from the Tax Invoice date. All orders are non-cancellable. 

What would happen if I found the items I received were damaged or incorrect? 
Customers should reject outright during the delivery on any over/short supply, incorrect or damaged item (including but not limited to any visible defect of the item or any item has passed its expiry date) once the item has been received, customer is barred from bringing any claim in any nature whatsoever against the Company. Exception to this clause will be those non visible defect i.e. corked wine where the opened bottle is required to be returned to the Company within three (3) Business Days from the item received date and the Company has seven (7) Business Days upon receipt of such notification by customer to verify and replace any defective wine item if necessary or refund the money at the sole discretion of the Company.  
Beer freshness policy?  
We shall supply beer with minimum five (5) months from Best Before Date/Expiry Date excluding those clearance beer whereby the Best Before Date/Expiry Date will be stated clearly with no return or exchange of stocks allowed upon acceptance of order. 
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